The Man Behind the Turntable

Mark Weathersby is one of the most prominent DJs in Athens, GA.  He is probably one of the friendliest people you will ever meet, too.  He lives a sort of amiable version of ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’.  X-Ray Tech by day, DJ connoisseur by night.  After moving to Athens twelve years ago, he started DJing as a means to pay for XR Tech school, but it has transformed into something else.  

 The name DJ Mahogany comes from one of his favorite songs from his childhood, ‘Do You Know Where You’re Going To” (Theme from Mahogany) by Diana Ross.  He DJs at an assortment of events, including erotic poetry reading at UGA’s own WUOG to ‘the most terrifying dance party I have ever thrown’ to the Night of a 100 Records at Manhattan’s on Hull St.  DJ Mahogany is unique in the fact that he still uses vinyls at many of his events.  He is a frequent customer at Low Yo Yo Stuff record store.  

This documentary is merely a fraction of the footage from all of the events I had the privilege of filming DJ Mahogany.   Every event was vastly different.  The first time I had the chance to film Mark at one of his shows, and one of my favorites, was at the Night of 100 Records.  The atmosphere was that of a hip, eclectic dance party.  The music was geared toward a more musically educated audience than what I am typically used to and gave off a vibe that consumed the room with a feeling that just made you want to dance.  Attending one of DJ Mahogany’s shows should be a must-do on everyone’s Athens checklist.

Also check out an article about DJ Mahogany in Ampersand:


One thought on “The Man Behind the Turntable

  1. I love your music and am very interested in booking you for the World Famous! I chatted your Facebook account, but would love to be in contact with you via email or phone. Please get back to me if you’re interested and we can iron out the details! Look forward to hearing from you.

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